DNS Settings:   

Primary DNS Number

Secondary DNS Number

Domain Name: wvi.com

IP Setttings (for SCS Broadband and Static connections)

IP, Subnet Mask, and Gateway addressing is specific to each user.

Contact our technical support group or refer to your post-signup documentation for details.

Mail and News Server Settings:

WebMail Server:                    mail.wvi.com

Outgoing Mail (SMTP):        mail.wvi.com

Incoming Mail:                       mail.wvi.com

POP User Name:                  Your entire e-mail address (e.g. username@gmail.com)

Password:                                8+ characters, alpha-numeric & “special” characters Characters not allowed:  ‘ ” ; : =

Incoming Mail Server Requires Secure Connection Incoming Mail Port: 993 (SSL) Imap 995 (SSL) pop3
Outgoing Mail Server Requires Secure Connection Outgoing Mail Port: 465 (SSL) 587 (TLS)
Outgoing Mail Server Requires Authentication
Outgoing Server uses same settings as POP Server