Scholarships are presented at the Annual Meeting of the members of Stayton Cooperative Telephone Company each year in April.

Our application and selection process is unique from other scholarship programs allowing more students the opportunity to participate in our program.

Eligibility is open to students whose Parent/Guardian MUST have phone or internet/broadband with SCTC, PTC, or SCS and be a member in good standing.

2018 Scholarship Guidelines and Application

2017 Winners

$1500 Renewable (4 year) Scholarship to Rosemary Riley, Silverton

$1500 Gus Kirsch Memorial Scholarship to Cole Dunn, Stayton

$1500 Bob Hartmann Memorial Scholarship to Hadyn Moll, Regis

$1500 Jim Tiger Memorial Scholarship to Christy Powell, Willamette Valley Christian

$1250 Scholarship to Elizabeth Mack, Cascade

$1250 Scholarship to Thalia Yarmer, Cascade

$1250 Scholarship to Grace Bromley, Stayton