Technical FAQ


General Questions

Yes! There are three advantages to SCTC Broadband service:

  1. The connection with SCTC is always on.
  2. It’s much faster than dial-up.
  3. Unlike dial-up you can still use your phone when online.

The secret is that your normal phone service only uses part of the wire that it comes into your house on. SCTC Broadband can use the remainder of the wire for high-speed digital internet service. Keeping the two signals separate is the job of filters that are installed on any phones that share the same line with the Broadband service. You should receive several filters when you order Broadband service and receive your modem.

Broadband is limited to the phone line on which it was installed. Also, unless you have special networking hardware and software installed, only one computer can use your Broadband connection at a time.

Your login is not case sensitive, but your password is – it’s safer to treat both of them as if they were. Case sensitive means that password and PASSWORD are not the same thing – one will get you in, the other will be rejected. If you think you typed your password in correctly and it was rejected, please check your CAPS LOCK key to see if you accidently toggled it on.

Yes, but your username is limited to a maximum of 14 characters or less (letters or numbers) and your password must be at least 8 characters, but no more than 16 characters (letters, numbers, punctuation) long.

  • Passwords can be changed by calling tech support at: (Stayton) 503.769.3331
  • Usernames need to be changed by calling Customer Service at: (Stayton) 503.769.1984